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Comprehensive Study Validates the Remarkable Effectiveness of Greener Shingles Rejuvenator

Updated: Jul 10

In the ever-evolving field of asphalt shingle rejuvenation, one company stands out for its unwavering commitment to rigorous testing and unmatched product performance. Accredited PRI Asphalt Testing recently conducted a groundbreaking life-cycle study on Greener Shingles Rejuvenator, utilizing aged asphalt shingles obtained from a home in Crystal River, Florida. This study aimed to assess the rejuvenator's impact on shingle lifespan in comparison to untreated shingles. The results reveal the exceptional effectiveness of Greener Shingles Rejuvenator, setting it apart from other shingle rejuvenation products in the market.

Methodology: To ensure the highest level of accuracy and reliability, PRI constructed a miniature roof using standard materials. Both sides of the roof were covered with aged shingles, with one side treated with Greener Shingles Rejuvenator as per the manufacturer's instructions, while the other side remained untreated.

The study employed accelerated weathering techniques in accordance with the ASTM D4798 standards, subjecting the roof to alternating periods of light and rain. This modified exposure cycle accurately simulated 10 years of normal outdoor shingle exposure.

Results and Findings: The comprehensive analysis of the study yielded remarkable findings that substantiate the superiority of Greener Shingles Rejuvenator over untreated shingles. Here are the key abbreviated conclusions drawn from the study:

1. Mass Loss: Greener Shingles Rejuvenator performs 10.8x better than untreated shingles. Greener Shingles Rejuvenator demonstrated an outstanding performance, with a 10.8-fold reduction in mass loss compared to untreated shingles. This indicates the product's ability to effectively counteract the oxidative aging of the binder and minimize granular loss during the accelerated weathering process.

2. Wash Off Material: Greener Shingles Rejuvenator performs 5.8x better than untreated shingles. The study revealed that Greener Shingles Rejuvenator outperforms untreated shingles by 5.8 times in preventing the washing off of particulate materials and shingle granules during accelerated weathering. This further underscores the rejuvenator's efficacy in preserving the shingles' integrity.

3. Oxidative Aging (Carbonyl Indices): Greener Shingles Rejuvenator performs 3.9x better than untreated shingles. An important aspect of asphalt-based products is their resistance to oxidative aging. The study demonstrated that Greener Shingles Rejuvenator effectively mitigated oxidative aging, with a 3.9-fold reduction in the increase of carbonyl indices compared to untreated shingles. This indicates the rejuvenator's ability to maintain the shingles' structural integrity over an extended period.

4. Shingle Flexibility: After 1,500 hours of exposure, Greener Shingles Rejuvenator substantially improved low-temperature flexibility, increasing it from -22°F to an impressive -31°F. This enhanced flexibility ensures that the shingles can withstand harsh weather conditions, further extending their lifespan.

5. Shingle Color and Appearance: The study observed a significant difference in the appearance of shingles treated with Greener Shingles Rejuvenator compared to untreated shingles after 1,500 hours of exposure. The rejuvenator contributed to a rejuvenated and revitalized appearance, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the shingles.

Accredited PRI Asphalt Testing's meticulous life-cycle study validates the unparalleled efficacy of Greener Shingles Rejuvenator. The product's ability to improve granule adhesion, increase shingle flexibility, and significantly reduce oxidative aging and mass loss indicates its superior performance throughout the shingle's life cycle.

The conclusive findings suggest that Greener Shingles Rejuvenator offers a significantly longer lifespan compared to untreated shingles. With its unrivaled commitment to rigorous testing and years of lab-proven efficacy, Greener Shingles Rejuvenator establishes itself as the forefront leader in the shingle rejuvenation industry, offering unmatched value and durability to homeowners.

This particular study is ongoing. When the 3,000-hour tests results are in, we'll share them with everyone as always.

To see the whole study, visit:

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