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Q: How do I inquire about becoming a dealer and adding this product to my business?

A: Simply give us a call or fill out the form to the right, then we will send you a dealer information packet and provide more information.

Q: Is this a franchise?

A: We are not a franchise, we set up dealers/businesses with protected areas (250K PPA) and supply them product with no additional fees or quotas.

Q: Is this product patented?

A: No, and no such patent exists. The Greener Shingles formula has been used for the past 17 years on asphalt roadways and was the number one asphalt rejuvenator in the USA in 2019 for asphalt and has been adapted to rejuvenate asphalt shingles.

Q: Do I need to be in the home service industry to become a dealer?

A: It is suggested that you have an existing business. Most of our dealers are in roofing, power washing/soft washing, roof repair, etc businesses with an existing customer base and years of experience in the roofing/soft washing industry but it is not a requirement.

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- Minimum investment for a dealership is less than $15,000 USD, that includes a protected area of 250,000 people, basic spray equipment and your first tote which covers approximately 100,000 square feet.
- Tote requirement is only one tote per year.

- Two totes will expand your territory to 500,000 at no addition cost.
Example, if you purchase 4 totes your area could be 1,000,000 at no additional cost.

- We give our dealers first right of refusal if another potential dealer is interested in an area close to you.
- Wrapping trucks and trailers is suggested but not a requirement. We don’t require you to brand Greener Shingles, you can keep your existing business name or make a new one.
- We help supplement our dealers marketing efforts by suppling visual content in the form of HD stock footage reels of spraying, including aerial footage.
- Optional website build and setup for an additional  $700, these sites give you full access to change what you need to as you grow or hire someone to manage.
- Greener Shingles has a great network of dealers that are willing to talk about their experience with new dealers as well as showing them how its applied and marketed.
- Setting up a dealership usually take less that 2 weeks.
- Greener Shingles  is invested in selling the best product on the market, that is lab tested and field proven.

Roof Rejuvenation Opportunities
Roof Rejuvenation Investments

Add this sought after service to your business and help homeowners save years from having to replace their roof shingles while saving thousands of dollars. 

Dealership Overview

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Our network of independent dealers is growing all over North America and territories are still available

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