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Find out why 100+ businesses have added Greener Shingles Rejuvenator to their companies.

You can add this sought-after service to your business, and help homeowners save years from having to replace their roof shingles while saving thousands of dollars. 


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Our network of authorized dealers is growing all over North America and territories are still available. 


Authorized Dealers
Across North America!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Dealer Testimonials

Dealer Testimonials

Broad Strokes:

- Keep your company name or make a new one

- No additional fees for memberships, software, royalties

- Low initial investment, including 260-gallon tote of material 100% oil concentrate, startup pump/spray system, and tote mixer

- We provide marketing content to help you hit the ground running with HD video, drone, and photo stock footage of the application process as well as other marketing materials

- Strong dealer network of 100+ dealers across North America


The pictures to the left and right are the contents of the included pump system. This consists of a low-pressure pump (capable of recirculating while spraying),100ft of chemical-resistant hoses, a spraying wand, (not the 24” shaft), and a hose reel.

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