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 After completing a series of vigorous lab tests the Greener Shingles solution has demonstrated that it can help reduce the effects of aging after being applied to asphalt shingles.

This environmentally safe product improves shingle flexibility which helps the expansion and contracting that happens to shingle throughout the day. Greener Shingles uses a bio-based soybean oil solution.

Asphalt roofs usually start showing signs of aging after five to ten years depending on region and environmental conditions. The shingle’s granular coating starts washing into the gutters as the essential oils dry up, losing the ability to hold the granular in place. Greener Shingle's bio-based product was tested and proven to have a 86% better granular adhesion on treated shingles versus untreated.

Greener Shingles waterproofs the surface, suffocates moss, increases shingle flexibility, helps keep granular in place, and improves fire resistance, making the shingles last longer, keeping them on your roof where they belong. 

Soy bean oil based rejuvenators have been used to rejuvenate asphalt parking lots and roadways for the past fifteen years, making it the number one asphalt rejuvenator in the USA. Greener Shingles has adapted that same rejuvenator to extend the life span of asphalt shingles.

Greener Shingles has been lab tested and proven to not only replace lost essential oils from the aging process but improve granular adhesion, which extends the life of the shingle.

Now homeowners have another option, instead of replacing their shingles they can rejuvenate them, keeping their shingles on the roof longer.

What is Greener Shingles?

  • Greener Shingles uses a 95% bio-based rejuvenator that can prevent years of aging.

  • Greener Shingles will bring your shingles back closer to their original color.

  • Greener Shingles is an environmentally safe process that replaces oils and resins in

    your shingles.

  • Greener Shingles increases shingle flexibility and helps prevent damage caused by

    wind and hail.

  • Easy application, quickly penetrates, dry in 30-40 minutes.


Why rejuvenate your shingles?

  • Increases adhesion of the protective top granule coating

  • Reduces hail impact damage and subsequent granule loss

  • Restores permeability closer to new shingles

  • Greener Shingles is a bio-based, environmentally friendly soy product, lab tested to replace essential oils in asphalt shingles and make them last longer